Property Services

Repair and Maintenance

All repairs are done with owner approval, unless there is an emergency situation. We have licensed contractors who will provide estimates for the work needed to be done. The work will be done upon the property owner’s approval. We can also use licensed contractors that you may prefer.


M Realty will advertise your property on the MLS and on all the most popular rental and real estate websites. Most of our vacant properties rent within 30 days or less. We will contact you with frequent updates.

Tenant Scanning

As part of the screening process, M Realty uses credit checks, criminal background checks, employment verification and previous rentals history. These are done at no cost to the owner. We will make recommendations of prospective tenants, but the property owners have final say as to whether the tenants are acceptable or not. If the property owner feels the process is taking too long for M Realty, the process may be canceled without penalty, as long as a tenant has not been found.


M Realty’s eviction rate is extremely low but, unfortunately, it does happen from time to time. The eviction process is Nevada is clear. Renters have until the 5th of each month to pay their rent. On the 7th of each month, we will deliver Five Day Pay or Quit notice to tenants who have not paid their rent. If their rent is not received within the time period indicated in the notice, we will proceed with the eviction.


Monthly management fee of 10% - 8% or $100, whichever is greater. Leasing fee, which is paid from the first month’s rent, when the new tenant moves in. If there is a current tenant, M Realty does not charge a leasing fee until that tenant move out and a new tenant moves in. Lease renewal fee of $250.00 is charged to the property owner when a tenant renews a lease. We do not charge set-up fees and advertising costs.

HOA Dues

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At M Realty we offer a full range of property management services in Las Vegas. From initial inspection of your property through screenings, signing, maintenance and renewing we here to walk each client through the entire process ensure successful transactions for both the tenant as well as the property owner. Each owner can have a peace of mind that their property is in good hands and that we will attend to all tenants and maintain each property at its highest level. We take great pride in being the best Las Vegas Property Management company and are service is second to none! M Realty tailors each owner’s property management services to best fit their needs. The residential market in Las Vegas is ever changing and we provide exceptional customer service by guiding our customers through it.

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